Camp Silver is situated in a quiet spot deep within Texel’s Old Land. As well as the eight Airstreams, the Hideaway also offers a number of indoor and outdoor places you are free to go to read a book or do some work, such as the light and airy Pacific Dome tent. Alternatively there is the all day pavilion with its open veranda.

The pavilion is where you can go to have breakfast, do work or relax, with good coffee, WiFi and music on offer there all day long. It’s an ideal spot to sit down and read one of the many coffee table books, check your e-mails or update your Facebook profile. And when it comes to enjoying a tasty and easy lunch or dinner, the pavilion offers a range of products and basic meals. Many of the ingredients and dishes are sourced on the island itself.

In the pavilion you can also find several extra services: hire a Puch bike to explore the island, find some information about the best places to go on the island, take a look at our special walking routes and select a great restaurant to visit. Or buy sun cream, a fair wear Camp Silver T-shirt or another souvenir from our shop.

‘All good things are wild
and free’

– Henry David Thoreau, Walden