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far away from the civilized world

Camp Silver Hideaway is located on a quiet spot on Texel, far away from the civilized world. You spend the night in an American Airstream, which is designed as a luxury hotel room for 2 people. Reserve an Airstream on our website for the best price, terms and conditions.

natural peace and quiet

On the island of Texel, time slows down. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, here you can find natural peace and quiet. This island, a twenty-minute sailing away from the mainland, has preserved some of nature’s most breathtaking secrets. The Wadden Sea is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List for good reason.

unspoilt nature

Texel is a remote, yet nearby, island, with more wind, but less rain and more sun than ‘on the other side of the water’, and in years gone by bathers and nature lovers discovered it really was a jewel of unspoilt nature. And that is how it has remained to this day.

stunningly beautiful island

Even in high season you can still go walking through the dunes, cycling along the mud flats or endlessly strolling along the beach without seeing another soul. Apart from De Koog, which is a seaside resort popular with tourists, and Den Burg, which is the main village for shopping, all the other villages are still quaint and quiet. Nature and its elements are still in charge on this stunningly beautiful island, which is embraced from both sides by the Wadden Sea and the North Sea.

‘All good things are wild and free’

Henry David Thoreau in Walden

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