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North-East Twente is surrounded by beautiful nature reserves. Not for nothing is the nickname of this part of Twente 'the garden of the Netherlands'. Picturesque seepage ponds, small waterfalls and narrow streams in the middle of the woods provide a romantic sight. Hills, meadows, lakes, heaths and historic farmhouses complete the picture.

DISCOVER het Rusttheater

Hidden away in Reutum, one of the nine parishes of the municipality of Tubbergen, is het Rusttheater. A special place that lends itself to returning to yourself. From the spaciously laid out grounds, one can explore the surroundings on foot or by bicycle.


The north-east of Twente is a paradise, even a National Landscape. Villages such as Vasse, Borne and Delden have a beautiful Twente landscape and idyllic spots. The modesty of the Twente people makes you feel hospitable and welcome. Those who have visited North-East Twente are sure to return.


Historical and authentic art town Ootmarsum is a real jewel to visit. Enjoy a stroll through the narrow streets and alleys with galleries, terraces and contemporary boutiques on either side.


Camp Silver is situated in a wide and green spot in Twente. You spend the night in an American Airstream, which is designed as a luxury hotel room for 2 people. Book an Airstream on our website, for the best price, terms and conditions.

Camp Silver • Ootmarsumseweg 320 • 7667 PC Reutum •